Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Live Free 'r Die!

I've dispatched my first state. Adios, Maine, you've been a peach--a hot, hard, sweaty peach. My foolishness with macho hill climbing really scared me yesterday. I awoke this morning hoping everything would be on the mend. The weather has been perfect today--most of the over-the-top humidity is gone, at least for now, and temps are in the mid-70's. It's a sweet foretaste of autumn.

I spent the night behind a handball wall next to a tennis court in Lovell--out of sight, shielded from the afternoon sun, places to set my beer. What more does a bloke need? I motored out at about 9am, just eating up this fantastic place. If you haven't been to western Maine/eastern New Hampshire, you gotta go. New Hampshire! New Hempshire? Think of the possibilities with the dope smoking set: New Reefershire, New Spliffshire...

The Conway area is a bit of a tourist trap, but still nice. I celebrated my first state with a fat burrito at Cafe Noche then researched bedding possibilities. Campgrounds and hostels are too expensive. I'm going to load up and head into the woods. Better to take my chances with bears and porcupines than snoring hostelers.

I got off route for a few miles and had to back track. This area is a rat's nest of roads and intersections. Some roads have three numbers in some places. All told, only about 25 miles or so today, but the knee was not any worse that I can feel. A rest day tomorrow spent loafing, reading, writing in the woods should do us both good. I will channel Thoreau and live simply. Then I assault Kancamagus pass at about 2,800 ft., the highest I will be until I hit the Rockies. Hard to imagine all the low land out there. The miles will be quicker, that's for sure. Because of the steepness of the grades, these three states could be the crux of the tour. The 2,400 ft climb for the day after tomorrow is, at least, spread out over 22 miles, so the grade should not be too bad. Still, New Hampshire and Vermont are known for their mountains. Gotta head out. Sorry no photos this time. The library computers won't allow it. I'll try to update later.

Cheers to all!
Some shots of Red Eagle Pond and Camp Thoreau


veglandia said...

Way to go Scott on you getting your first state down. I envy your life on the open road. New Mexico was wonderful - can't re-find your map, will you be heading through there at all? Take care and be safe - Randy 8^)

Scott Wayland said...

Hey, Randy! Yo, I'll be cruisin' a big "L" through the state--Taos, Santa Fe, a swing around Albequerque, then due west into AZ. To find my map, look under the older posts: "The Love of Maps." Diggin' New Hampshire and the White Mountains right now.



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