Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Lost Videos

Here are a few of the videos that I wanted to publish during the ride. I often didn't have the time or the connection speed to get these slices of cycling knavery up and running. Be warned, I am not Francis Ford Coppola.

Fighting high winds in western Illinois:

Open road madness--HP Velo fans will understand. Everyone else will want me locked up!

Cruising the Erie Canal Tow Path:

My posse in Ordway, Colorado:

Cruising the San Luis Valley, Colorado:

360 degree view of the New Mexico/Colorado border:

Cranking the grade over to Oatman, Arizona:

Route 60 in New Mexico:

I'm Baaaaack!

The recumbent knave has landed. Repeat: The recumbent knave has landed! On Thursday 15th of November, 2007, at 9am, I pulled to a stop on the edge of the sand in Ventura on a warm, brilliant day and thus concluded the pedaling portion of my American odyssey, all 4,661.71 miles of it. I'm going to post a few more entries to provide some detail of my last days and upload some photos and video, so you'll have a bit more coming. I'm home now, feeling really strange and very happy. A HUGE thank you to everyone for following along and providing me with moral support.

More to come from the Elite Recumbent Cyclo-Nut.


Biker Scotty

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One More for the Road

This will be the last post from the road. I've landed in Frazier Park after a big day of climbing--3,500 ft. I'll have to do at least that again tomorrow. I'm just feeling super fit and excited to be on the road and nearing the end--but the cycling is fantastic, too. The best of all touring worlds.

The weather is simply spectacular--cool, unbelievably clear, a bit breezy. Today I had virtually no wind for the first half as I battled the steep climbs on Rt. N2. You'll get some pictures later, but it's a fantastic ride with little to no traffic most of the time--bliss! I hit some spankin' cross winds as I climbed to Gorman and the Frazier Park turn, but then it was turbo tails all the way up the long climb to Frazier Park proper. Here I've got to dig up a place to flop, and tonight it's pizza and a few brews at the local pizzaria. I could log some more miles, but I've done enough for one day. Lots on tap for tomorrow, but she's going down, ladies and gents, she's goin' down. Sometime tomorrow afternoon I'll look down on the Pacific for the first time. I won't dunk tires until the next morning, but there's one spot on the last high pass where you can look down the twisting mountain road and out to the ocean.

It's a bit strange and wonderful to be here. Was it all a dream?

I'll have lots more to say and pictures/video to post after I get home.

Cheers from the road and the Elite Feral Recumbent Cyclo-Tourist waging human-powered jihad against the forces of gravity and the awesome span of the North American continent.

Be well. Be safe. Be cool.

Biker Scotty---out!