Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm Baaaaack!

The recumbent knave has landed. Repeat: The recumbent knave has landed! On Thursday 15th of November, 2007, at 9am, I pulled to a stop on the edge of the sand in Ventura on a warm, brilliant day and thus concluded the pedaling portion of my American odyssey, all 4,661.71 miles of it. I'm going to post a few more entries to provide some detail of my last days and upload some photos and video, so you'll have a bit more coming. I'm home now, feeling really strange and very happy. A HUGE thank you to everyone for following along and providing me with moral support.

More to come from the Elite Recumbent Cyclo-Nut.


Biker Scotty


Josef Janning said...

Could you please ride back?
I have become so used to following your travel blog ...
great reading!
Thank you.


veglandia said...

Welcome home Scott - so glad you are safe and semi-sound : ) - Randy

Scott Wayland said...

Thanks guys! Well, I'll post a bit more. I promise to write about other adventures, too, ok?

Be well--or else.


PLC.Doctor said...

Just think, another 20,000 +/- miles and you'll be all the way around the planet. Thanks for the great travel blog and looking forward for the book. Jeff

Josef Janning said...

Reported on your journey on my blog:

Your posts really have been an impressive reading for me and hopefully many others.

Thanks, Josef

Anonymous said...

Congradulations Scott!!!


Anonymous said...

You did it! Congratulations! I'm so glad you're home, Scott. Just reading about your progress was exhausting me. I feel so much better now. :-)

Some of your previous students were asking about you today in my Eng. 1A class, so I told them about your grand adventure. They were interested and amazed.

Do, please, keep the posts and pics coming.

Rebecca Juarez
(the least athletic person you know)