Saturday, August 11, 2007

First miles...

Ahoy, from Camden, ME. I'm in love with Maine. Definitely a bit "sticky" compared to southern California, but sooooo beautiful. This library and the last have not allowed photo posting, so you'll have to wait for that. People in Maine are strange. They're nice, considerate, very careful on the road with cyclists--such a flaming contrast to California.

I spent last night on the shores of Penobscot bay at tidewater. The water moved up a bit towards my tent, but no contact. Before setting up camp, I met a real, down-home Mainer, Stuart French, a man who can trace his family back to the Mayflower and veterans of the Revolutionary War. He said that he could lay claim to 2 -- 3,ooo relatives in the state! He carried on in a wonderfully encyclopedic way about local history, how the war ships for our independence were built just down the coast, how some of them were sunk in the harbor just around the corner and how Yankee Mainiacs rowed out under cover of night and sank three of the damn Brit's scows. Go Yankees! He was kind of melancholy character, lamenting is past body building glory (Mr. Maine among other honors). We chatted for some time; then I had to drag Mojo down to the shore for dinner. Contrary to what Stuart had said, the mosquitoes were quite comfortable with the salty shore. I ate my simple meal of rice, kippers, and broccoli seasoned with olive oil, garlic and Parmesan. The cormorants croaked and squawked. Osprey's trolled the waters for their meal. The sun set behind humid skies on this revolutionary coast.

Now I've got to saddle up and do another 20 miles before bed in a little burg called Waldoboro. I've already had a couple of offers for support and places to stay, but it's too early in the day. It's brilliantly sunny, bright, a breeze off the Atlantic--hot and sweaty on the climbs, however. This is my last brush with the eastern shore. If all goes according to plan, my next ocean will be the Pacific. Oy, the miles still to go.

My camp by the bay:

Here's Mojo in the fullest of full fig:


Drow Millar said...

Yo Scotty,
Well so many roads to ease my soul... and a Kerowac lifestyle too...glad to here that you are heading west finally. Alas I was wondering why you started so late in the summer, means that you will most likely run into some "narly weather' this fall. If you need a place to crash in Portland, Maine or Connecticut, my brothers would welcome you in for a hot meal and cold beer. I too will be vicariouly be following your journey here in cyberspace. Course when I attempt such a journey someday, it will be doing the Continental Divide Mountain bike trail from Canada to Mexico... Still don't trust those "fu#king cars and the idiots that drive them... ride on my friend... Dr. Ow

jory squibb said...

Hi Scott,

great to meet you in Library Park, Camden, Maine yesterday.

Such an inspiration, so see the perfection of human transportation and dreaming!

i'll keep you company for a while...

all the best, Jory Squibb


Scott Wayland said...

Hey, Jory! Thanks for the vote of confidence. It was great meeting you and hanging out in Camden. The Maine coast is a very special place indeed.



Mike Morabito said...

Scott, glad to see that you're off. I will also be vicariously living through your journey via cyberspace. If I ever take a trip like this I am definitely going to have to get a "Mojo" of my own. I love the photo with your tires in the Alantic. Very cool.