Friday, July 27, 2007

Trifecta: Heat, Hills and Headwinds

Yesterday's ride was a toughy, and I planned it that way. I wanted to test myself in unpleasant conditions, and that's what I got--though I had more fun than I expected. It turns out I can handle a variety of weather situations pretty well--heat and cold. By many standards, I suppose, the ride was not extreme, but it was still good to get out and sweat hard. I climbed about 2,000 ft. in about 45 miles with lots of wind and temps about 90 deg. F. when I finished. It was actually a beautiful day with some clouds building over Tehachapi Mtn. and blue skies in abundance. My main concern for the big ride is humidity. It's pretty dry out here in the West, and I know humidity magnifies the heat considerably. I figure I'll acclimate to it, but it still worries me. I plan on getting plenty of very early starts while the weather is cookin'. Since I don't have grandiose mileage objectives, I have a good chance of getting most of my riding done by noon with a crack of dawn start. This will give me plenty of time to write and mingle with the natives. Below are a couple of shots from the ride.

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