Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Last Photos

These are not in perfect order, but they depict the mood of my final days. Also, note videos posted a couple of entries down.

Saddleback Butte at sunset:

Sespi River area:

The top of the last climb, the Pacific beyond:

Ojai Valley Bike Path:

The Mojave Desert:

Fittingly, a jerk honked at me as I took this picture:

On the big descent from Pine Mtn. Summit:

Mojave cobbles:

Pine Mt. Summit:

A photo of a big, recent burn:

Looking back towards Mt. Pinos from the big climb above Lockwood Valley:

The road down to the Lockwood Valley from Frazier Park:

Looking down into the Lockwood Valley:

Lockwood Valley Rd. area:

Jodi--who somehow puts up with my fits of madness:

Bar Harbor, Maine, before:

Ventura, California, after:


wingman said...

What are going do for a encore kid ? The Northern Tier or my favorite Atlantic Corridor ?

Scott Wayland said...

Encore? Dunno. Right now I'm just trying to adjust to civilian life again. I do think Jodi and I will do some sort of long tour next year, perhaps inland Oregon up to the Columbia River, maybe something along the Continental Divide.



henk said...

Great achievement, Scott. We enjoyed reading your blogs. Hope to see you in Europe some time. We have some great cycling to offer (and if you're in the Netherlands: a good bed too). And lots of cold beer. We are already looking forward to your next ride (if Jody will let you go again, that is) and your book.
Ine and Henk.

Scott Wayland said...

Yo, Henk en Ine! I would sure love to get to the Netherlands. Of course, the Euro is kicking our butts right now :). The next big ride will be with Jodi and Django, probably in Oregon or the Rockies--next year, though. I'm going to take a shot at getting back in shape for rock climbing, too, one of my other great passions. There are simply too many wonderful things to do!

Be well and, as part of the most bike-centric Western country, keep showing us how it's done.