Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A few photos to catch up...

I'm camped out for a couple of nights in Monroeville, Indiana. The riding has been very hot in the afternoon, so I've been getting up at obscene hours--like 4am--to be on the road before 6am. I need to ride with lights at that early hour, but I find I've knocked off 20 miles before I'm even fully awake. How cool is that?

Today I'm going to just post some photos with a caption/explanation of each to give you a little visual input. I finally figured out that libraries with security lockouts will allow me to upload directly to the blog but not through, which I've been using to resize for the blog. What this means is that, depending on the connection, when you go to enlarge a photo, it may be HUGE if it had to go directly to the blog from my camera. Oh well, at least I can now always add a photo or two.

This is the grand moment when my secondary counter rolled over to all zeros! That's 1,000 miles to you folks out there in Internet land:

Labor Day parade, vintage Jeepsters and vintage drivers, Freemont, Ohio:

Freemont cuties all tarted up for the event:

Rock 'n' Roll museum in Cleveland, Ohio:

Far out church in Napoleon, Ohio:

Motoring through central Ohio:

This kid was soooo excited about my bike and my tour that he needed to have his picture taken with me and the bike. This is at a vintage tractor show I stumbled into in Gibsonburg, Ohio:

Some of the hardware:

This is Steven Kraft, recently out of a twenty year stint with the US Marines. Way to go, Steve. His new civilian life fit him well. We met over the Internet after he responded to some of my stories. We made "plans" to meet up somewhere in the middle of the country as he was starting from the west coast and I from the east. Damn it all if we didn't find each other in the middle of corn fields a bit east of Bowling Green.

Detail of art guitar at Rock and Roll museum:


Yvonne said...

Hey Scott... congrats on 1000 miles! I have been reading, and reading and reading, trying to catch up with you, and after 2 nights of up past midnight... I am here! Whew! Love hearing about your trip! I'm off to blog about 1st day of 1st grade for Gavin!
Yvonne Huffaker

Scott Wayland said...

Hey, Yvonne! Thanks for hanging in there. We're both on big adventures. Gavin off in first grade, amazing. Best of luck with that! Say hi to the crew for me.