Friday, August 31, 2007


I'm on the move right now, working on places to stay, so I'll post more--and pictures later. The big news as the title implies is that I've finished with New York, blasted through a little slice of Pennsylvania, and am now in Ohio, about 60 miles east of Cleveland. Yesterday, I broke the 1,000 mile mark--oh, yeah, baby. That feels good, like I can actually do this thing. The riding has been flat and fast, and I often average 15 mph for long stretches. Lots of farm country and views of Lake Erie--so damn bloody big. I saw an ocean-going-size freighter out there this afternoon. Lake Ming this is not.

The moisture in the air is a constant wonder and frequent hassle. I woke up to a clear, clear morning, just beautiful clouds out over the lake--and everything was as soaked as if it had rained all night. Well, all this greenery has to survive on something. I've learned to just pack up the tent and whatever else is wet and hit the first laundry place I find and dry out. Not bad as I only spend a few quarters and I'm done in about 15 min., just long enough for a good break.

Now I'm off on the hunt for a place to stay. Tonight could be "interesting." Tomorrow, I think I can get something lined up for Cleveland--where I may or may not take a day off. Folks have said I gotta go see the Rock 'n' Roll museum.

Until next time, your intrepid correspondent signing off from The Frontier of Human Powered Travel in the Outback of...Cleveland?


wingman said...

What town are you in the Ohio Area dude? Because I weould like to meet you. I am in Mentor Ohio.

majordado said...

Hi Scott!
We've enjoyed following along with you on your adventure. Great photos too. How close you will be traveling to the southwest corner of Michigan close to the the Indiana border. My brother lives in the small resort town of Union Pier which is very close to the shores of Lake Michigan and sand dunes in the heart of Harbor Country. Happy riding!

Scott Wayland said...

Hey, wingman: I'm in Cleveland as I write these words! I found a host on folks. Tomorrow I head out to the west. I'm currently in the Heights area and will be heading back down to lake level at about 7:30am tomorrow. I rode right through your area early this afternoon. So if you're over in the main/west Cleveland area along the lake, we might meet. Can't pin point a where/when, however. Thanks for the note.

Majordado: Glad you like the blog. I'd love to hook up with your brother, but I will traveling south of there. I won't be very close to Lake Michigan at all. Check out Adventure Cycling's "Northern Tier" route. I'm taking that as far as Muscatine, Iowa.



benthead said...


I'm definitely enjoying your blog...any logging trucks yet? Make sure to check your rear rim frequently and stop for all organically grown lettuce!

Take care,
Dana the recumbent pimp

wombatgrrl said...

We loved hosting you on Saturday nite here in Cleveland Heights. Hopefully you feel like you got a real taste of midwestern hospitality, because this is really the heart of the midwest. There's nothing quite like stepping into the middle of a giant family Labor Day picnic, complete with running screaming kids....

I heard that my brother-in-law Phil got to show you some of the sights of Cleveland on your way out of town on Sunday morning and rode all the way to the west side with you!

We'll be closely watching your blog, and sending a link to our cousin Janey in Tehachapi, and our uncle Steve in Santa Fe.

As we expected, you're a fabulous writer.....


Scott Wayland said...

Hey, Ann! Yes, I had a total blast, one of my best nights of the trip. I wanted to transport the whole crew to each of my stops. Thanks so much for a very memorable (in a good way) time.

Dana: Thanks for keeping track. All systems are working well. Keep on pimpin'!