Sunday, February 25, 2007

Here's a shot of the bike I'll be riding

This is the fabled HPVelotechnik Street Machine Gte.


Robert said...

Scotty, I will be interested to hear your impressions on the panniers you are using once you are on the road. The MoonBiker panniers I assume?

I've been using Ortlieb, and just recently ditched the low rider rack along with the two smaller panniers that hung off it. I got rid of more than 10kg of unnecessary luggage. I can't believe I had so much extraneous stuff! Going light weight has made things much more enjoyable.


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Scott Wayland said...

Hey, Rob: I've used a set of panniers like this on my Haluzak, and I like them a lot--very light weight and aero--no hooks or anything. One just drapes the bags over the seat and rack and voila, c'est tout. MoonBiker bags are produced by Radical, I believe. These are the Radical brand, however.

Ride on. Eat some more of the super Greek cheese for me.

oilfreeandhappy said...

That Street Machine is a nice looking bike. It was hard to keep track of how many recumbents you own, but you're probably keeping them in business!

If you would like an item from my website, free of charge, let me know. I'd be honored to have you mount or wear one of the items for your tour.
Jim Gagnepain


Anonymous said...

Scott, I'm amazed. Before reading this I decided on an bought the HP Velo Scorpion and those same bags and I hope to be accepted for your Vision Quest Tour 2009 along with my grandson.